A graduate of the University of Stuttgart, Royce Monteverdi was developing cutting edge developments in the steel and construction industries in Germany before envisioning a new application of technology to the field of automobile parking.

Between 1989 and 1992, while working as an engineer at Krupp Industrietechnik, and then as owner of Stahlbau Technik Neckar, he and fellow German engineer Heiner Schween developed proprietary technology to make a fully robotic garage possible for the first time, even coining the term Robotic Parking.

In 1994 Monteverdi founded Robotic Parking Inc in the US. He continued to develop the basic idea of robotic and automatic parking into a functioning revolutionary system known today as the “Lift and Run System”. The system has produced a radical transformation in the warehousing and parking industries.

He has continued to expand his other fields of interest including cutting edge and sustainable architecture, furniture design, interior design and more.


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