Royce Monteverdi Biography

Royce Monteverdi has carved new roads in the fields of architecture and engineering, when he re-engineered the concept of automated parking.  Coining the term and concept of “robotic parking” he developed not only the physical structure but the software technology to elevate the idea to a fully computerized parking garage that essentially parks its own cars, dramatically cutting down space requirements and saving customers the time and frustration involved in driving around floors and up and down ramps.

One of his companies, Robotic Systems LLC, was presented with the Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Award by the Emirates Environmental Group.

Monteverdi was the developer of the Automated and Mechanical Parking Association guideline for automated parking, now adopted as the standard by the National Parking Association in Washington, DC. He initiated the National Fire Code for automated parking for the National Fire Protection Association and serves as a technical committee member for the association.

While continuing to design and build cutting edge robotic parking garages, Monteverdi also produces stunning architectural designs, interior design and furniture design — all channels for expanding upon his purpose to uplift the lives of those his products touch.

Monteverdi is also a regular face in humanitarian and social causes, most recently leading teams of hurricane relief volunteers with the  Florida Governmental Emergency Management and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)


The Vision

Royce Monteverdi envisions a better world for all where honest people can experience success and be rewarded for their hard work, and for improving the lives of those around them.

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About Royce Monteverdi

A graduate of the University of Stuttgart, Royce Monteverdi was developing cutting edge developments in the steel and construction industries in Germany before envisioning a new application of technology to the field of automobile parking.

Between 1989 and 1992, while working as an engineer at Krupp Industrietechnik, and then as owner of Stahlbau Technik Neckar, he and fellow German engineer Heiner Schween developed proprietary technology to make a fully robotic garage possible for the first time, even coining the term Robotic Parking. Continue reading

Royce Monteverdi and Gerhard Haag

In the 1990s, engineering pioneer Gerhard Haag began to diversify his activities and explore the application of engineering principles to aesthetic creativity.

This resulted in new endeavors in architecture, interior design and more.

As many have done before him, rather than allowing his fields of work to overlap, he chose to use a pen name for these new endeavors.

During this time the Royce Monteverdi signature has expanded to also include furniture design, jewelry, and more.

Simultaneously under the Gerhard Haag signature he has continued to expand upon his technological breakthroughs in engineering, particularly in the area of robotic parking.